Independent Connections Provider (ICP)


With the recent introduction of competition in connections in Northern Ireland, customers have the option to have the majority of connection work, referred to as contestable work, carried out by a third party connection provider.


Contestable works do not have to be carried out by your DNO. They can also be carried out by Electricityworx who are listed on the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) that is administered by Lloyds’ Register. Lloyds Register is responsible for assessing and accrediting the ICPs under the National Electricity Registration Scheme.


Examples of contestable works that can be carried out by an ICP accredited contractor

  • Assessing the impact of your new connection to the existing network.
  • Identifying and designing the Point of Connection (POC) to the existing network.
  • Network extension design.
  • Obtaining and supplying equipment and materials to DNOs’ current specification for the extension.
  • Site preparation and trenching, including the circuit routes between the development and the connection point.
  • Substation re-sites and diversions required by the new connection development.
  • Construction of the network extension.
  • Reinstatement of any excavations carried out including cable routes.
  • Providing for the installation of metering equipment.
  • Legal consents for overhead line routes, cable routes and substation sites.

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